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Congratulations!! Everyone reached level 10! That means all players are eligible to advance to the First Classes! First classes are as follows;

:bulletred:Swordsman- Their strength is to protect themselves and others.
:bulletyellow:Mage- Endless supply of knowledge and magic is at your fingertips.
:bulletgreen:Merchant- Everything has purpose and value.
:bulletpurple:Thief- Stalk the shadows, walk your own path.
:bulletblue:Disciple- Hope is the hearts greatest weapon.

Recruits wishing to rank up to First Class are given a written test. Based of your answers, you will be sorted into the five First Class jobs.

First Class Job Placement Test

1. Why do you fight?

a) To gain more knowledge and better your abilities

b) To become unbeatable by proving your bravery and strength

c) To aid others in battle and spread hope among the restless

d) To gather resources and obtain insurmountable wealth

e) To increase your kills and for the sheer pleasure of battle

2. What is your ideal weapon?

a) Something short and swift to slay your enemies

b) Something wide and strong to protect yourself and others

c) Something long and precise to overcome your enemies

d) Something heavy and powerful to gain fortune

e) Something blunt and magical to amplify your powers

3. Where would you feel most comfortable?

a) Somewhere full of faith and prayer, like a church

b) Somewhere with access to knowledge, like a library

c) Somewhere dark and quiet, like an underground den

d) Somewhere wide and open to train, like an arena

e) Somewhere populated, like a busy marketplace

4. Choose your spirit animal

a) Lion

b) Deer

c) Boar

d) Wolf

e) Owl

5. What is most important?

a) Courage

b) Intelligence

c) Fortune

d) Stealth

e) Trust

6. Which is your biggest flaw?

a) Deception

b) Avarice

c) Ignorance

d) Curiosity

e) Conceit

7. You find an injured person at the side of the road, but you don’t have any potions on you. What is your response?

a) Ask them for all the information about the situation and make them comfortable before continuing on your way.

b) Heal them immediately, and stay with them until they are well

c) Escort them somewhere safe and then seek out whoever was responsible

d) Take their belongings and leave them for dead

e) Offer to help the stranger at a price

8. When in a team your role would be,

a) Leader and front lines

b) Defense and support

c) Strategist and magic

d) Offense and looter

e) I prefer to work alone

9. Choose one.

a) The Noble Warrior

b) One who seeks Truth

c) The Opportunist

d) The Shadow that Lurks

e) A Servant of Faith

(Please select your answers and send the completed test to the group via note, and we will sort you into job classes. We're trying something completely new. If you are really unhappy with your class assignment, we'll give you the option to choose the runner up. If you are still really unsatisfied, we'll let you choose your class, but please try and keep an open mind. This is also to prevent all player ending up in one or two of the five classes.)

(Please answer the questions IN THE PERSPECTIVE OF YOUR CHARACTER. I think we set up the questions to be obvious enough that you can try for your desired class. For members who were unsure what class they wanted their characters to be in, this is a great chance to sort your character based on their personality.)

(This is the only freebie members will get. From now on, advancements will be granted based on activity and dedication!)

Mission 1: Complete the First Class Placement test. This is mandatory. Any members who fail to complete this assignment by the deadline are at risk of being removed from the group.
Deadline: September 1, 11:59 PM

Mission 2: Design at least one monster between levels 10-15. This assignment is optional.
Deadline: September 8, 11:59 PM
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